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Her Royal Flyness

How Long Have You Been This Way?

My co-workers think I'm weird because I don't watch television. I've had the following conversation about eighty times in the last week:

Co-worker: Did you watch (some show) last night?
Me: No, I don't really watch TV.
Co-worker: What do you mean, you don't really watch TV?
Me: I mean...I don't really watch TV.
Co-worker: At all?
Me: Well, if I'm at somebody's house and their TV is on, I'll watch it. Or if I'm staying in a hotel room and I'm bored or want to see if there's anything major going on in the world I'll turn it on.
Co-worker: Don't you have a TV?
Me: Yes, I got a TV right after I moved to Asheville. At this point, the rabbit ears aren't even plugged into it.
Co-worker: You mean you don't ever watch TV?
Me: Not really, no.
Co-worker: Why?
Me: Umm...because I don't want to?
Co-worker: Well how do you find out about the news or the weather?
Me: ...I look online?
Co-worker How long have you been this way?

Yes, someone really did say that last sentence.

Then someone else will walk by and co-worker will say, "Did you know Tracy doesn't watch TV?"

I haven't had to have that conversation over and over again since I left Ecolab, which was years ago. At that point, a co-worker said, "How are we supposed to have anything to talk about?" and I said, "You could learn to read."
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