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A Rose by any other name holds the universe.

I cry your pardon. I have forgotten the Face of my Father and the address of my library.

I've been listening to King's "The Dark Tower " septilogy lately thanks to Audbile.com. I'm in the middle of book IV where we learn about Roland and Susan and their beautiful, star-crossed, if slightly cliched love. Being a member of a radio theater group and an aspiring voice actor, I can justify the purchase of audio over paper, even though I know full well that I'd read it at home if not for my love of the "Star Wars Galaxy" mmorpg. I am reading two books in paper, but sadly, the one I'm primarily interested in is a Laurel K. Hamilton sexy fairy book.

"Hey, look at me! I'm reading! I'm special and literate!"
"Cool. What are you reading?"
"Utter crap!"

Yesterday I set foot in the Borders I used to work at, mostly to see my friends still in its employ. The Dark Tower VII came out and one could tell at once that it was the final book. I'm very excited. Now I'm going to listen like mad to the books in between.

If anyone's ever taking a long trip and wants some Dark Tower goodness or erotica to listen to, drop me a line.

And to those of you who still support Snickett and his series of unfortunate success, a figurative and not earnest pox upon you!
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